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Looking for the most creative ideas for handcrafted candles?

We offer you 101 handmade candles ideas. In addition, you will learn the most popular handmade candles techniques and particularities of different natural materials.

Handcrafted candle helps you create a cozy atmosphere at your home!

Best handmade candles ideas

Cinnamon Candle

Make a simple candle by following basic steps and let it dry. Get some cinnamon sticks from the market and measure them accordingly that they are of the same size as the candle you want to use. Cut them according to the required height and start to fix them around the candle by applying a strong glue.

DIY Orange Mint Coconut Wax Candle

Adding the great fragrance of orange, mint and coconut to your candles means that your house will smell delicious all season. These DIY Orange Mint Coconut Wax Candles are very simple to make and therefore don’t take much time.


Flameless candles with paired with candle stands really make a statement in any decor look. This is certainly a great way to use candles without having to worry about the risk of fire near other decor pieces.

The best scented candles components

Geranium oil

It is mostly a topic that is good for multiple skin issues; also, mosquitoes hate it.

Black pepper essential oil

This essential oil aids in digestion, increases perspiration and helps remove toxins from the body. It also helps to remove gases from the intestines and does not let them build up, while acting as a purgative, curing spasms, and helping to treat arthritis and rheumatism by removing uric acid and other toxins from the body.

Lemon oil

These days, of course, a lot of those flavors and smells are made artificially, but still, there’s a reason that lemon has become so universally identified with freshness and cleanliness: Its oil is a powerful antibacterial, astringent, and antiseptic agent.

The most creative handmade candle ideas

DIY Hershey Kiss Candle

Make this cute and creative Hershey Kiss chocolate candle. Easy homemade candle and great for a birthday gift or Christmas gift. You can add a chocolate scent to make it more like a scented chocolate Hershey Kiss. You can also mix up the colors and make them white chocolate or hugs to create a different candle design.

Lavender Rosemary Wax Melts

Add dried rosemary and lavender to melted wax and allow it to take shape. Before the wax hardens, add a few drops of rosemary and lavender essential oils.

Terrarium Candles

Terrarium Candles?! Now here’s a DIY that combines two of our favorite things. If you love greenery and a freshly scented home, this is the perfect DIY for you. It’s so easy! Making these candles yourself will save you a fortune!

Deborah Kern

a handicrafter

Do you love handmade scented candles and want to learn more about how they are made? Ever wondered how you put the scent into a candle? Then this workshop is for you.

Then, you need to visit our workshop. Our experienced handicrafter will tell and show you how to make exclusive scented candles.

This workshop serves as an excellent introduction to candle making and scent blending.

Don't hesitate and create a new scent for your handcrafted candle!"

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